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Academy - Why Us?

Want to become a specialist in hair extensions?

Once you quality your one of us; we as a team are behind you.

Why train with us?

All of our trainers are qualified teachers and assessors and work in our partner specialist hair extension salon. This meaning we are on hand with hair extensions on a daily basis and ultimately, due to our extensive work and knowledge in hair extensions can provide you with the most up-to-date training available!!!

Due to popular demand and efforts to give our students the best service and training available we will, we have now built out very own training academy.

All of our training days are split into two parts, one half of the day being theory the other practical to make sure everyone is leaving us confident and comfortable in their hair extension training.

Our academy is fully accredited by ABT Insurance and you will receive a certificate on completion of your course. This will enable you to go ahead and gain full insurance to start out in your new found exciting career.

Included in your course price is a professional hair extension kit, loaded with everything you need to complete your hair extension training.

Also included in your course price is your very own training manual that our team have devised and put together for the benefit of your learning. In this is our extensive knowledge on hair extensions, it covers everything you need to know to become the very best hair extension specialist out there. This also gives an individual training experience that you can’t gain anywhere else.

We offer on-going support and communication to all our trained stylists via email, phone and social media. Our elite trainers are always available to answer questions and support you when you need it.

We keep all our classes small so only six learners will be learning at one time. So be sure to have all the attention you need on your training day.

We offer refresher days to all students who have attended our training course. If you feel you need to refresh your memory we offer this day to help you.

How you will be assessed during your training day?

Though out your training day your will be being observed by our tutors who will be monitoring and noting down your progress. You will be asked directed questions throughout the day to make sure you are taking everything in and to make sure learning is taking place. At the end of the training session there will be a small test to assess your knowledge on the subject delivered if any questions are wrong we will orally question you on these and correct you when wrong. Your certificate will then be issued and you will be well on your way to your new found career.

What are you waiting for?

You can charge anything from £100-£400 pound per hair extension service depending on your location and skill level. So by fitting the minimum of three sets of hair extensions a day at an average price of £135.00 – outlay for hair £70.00 you could be earning £54,060 per year – PROFIT!!!!

What you will learn

Topics and chapters that will be covered on your course today

  • What equipment is needed for each method of hair extensions
  • How to fit your chosen method of hair extensions
  • Health and safety procedures you need to follow when dealing with hair extensions
  • The importance of hygiene in the work place and how to disinfect your equipment properly
  • Contra – indications related to hair extensions
  • How to carry out a consultation professionally
  • Aftercare and advice related to hair extensions
  • How to order your hair/quantities needed
  • How to store and handle record cards and the importance of these in relation to the Data protection act.
  • Different types of hair you can buy.
  • How to cut blend and shape the hair extensions
  • How to remove hair extensions
  • Common problems and complaints
  • How to promote your new business
  • How to price yourself
  • How to colour match hair extensions
  • How to create h/l using hair extensions

Learning outcomes

  • Be able to prepare for hair extension services
  • Be able to attach hair extensions
  • Be able to remove hair extensions
  • Use suitable removal methods for the type of extensions worn.
  • Remove hair extensions following manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Follow safe and hygienic working practices
  • Provide suitable aftercare advice
  • Prepare yourself , the client and work area for hair extension services
  • Evaluate the hair and scalp for suitability of hair extension services
  • Provide clear recommendations based on factors
  • Prepare hair extensions
  • Communicate and behave in a professional manner
  • Prepare the hair in suitable sections allowing it to fall into the direction required
  • Use suitable hair extensions methods to meet the hair type being worked on, taking into account influencing factors and following manufacturers instructions.
  • Position yourself and the client appropriately throughout the service.
  • Use suitable tension throughout the service.
  • Provide hair extensions to the satisfaction of the client.
  • To be able to monitor and make adjustments throughout the service.
  • Follow safe and hygienic work practices.
  • Provide suitable aftercare advice.

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