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Hair Extension Systems

We pride ourselves on being specialists in the hair extension industry.

Micro Ring Weave

This is a weft attachment with micro rings. This is very quick and firm method of applying hair extensions to create length, thickness and volume. This method can last up to 3 months depending on how fast the client’s hair grows.

Weaved Hair

This method can take up to an hour with good practice. It is a corn row plait then the hair I sewn onto the track. This can last up to 8 weeks and is good for length, thickness and volume.

Micro Rings

This System uses a hair extensions I-tip that is looped through a micro ring onto your hair and clamped tightly to create a strong bond. The bonds are light weight and tiny. The system uses no glue no heat and lasts up to three months.

Plaited Weave

This method is done using a corn row plait the hair is then sewn onto the track. This can last 6-8 weeks and is good for length thickness and volume.

Nano Rings

This is a relatively new hair extensions method. It is very similar to Micro rings. It is the world’s smallest hair extension technique being 90% smaller than any micro ring. This is a reusable hair extension that is guaranteed not to slide out.

Invisi Tape

This invisible weft technology is made on an extremely thin silk base crafted by hand and the weft mimics the natural regrowth at the root for complete discretion. This is applied with beauty works tape that sticks to the hair and lasts up to 6 weeks. Hair is guarantee for up to 9 months given the proper care.

ClipIn hair

Made to order

This is a full weft of hair which we attach hair clips to. You can put these in yourself and the hair is available to buy in the salon. We can show you how to put these in yourself at home and also cut and style them to your requirement.