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Hairology Hair Loss

How it all started

Danielle the founder of hairology watched both her parents loose their hair from a very young age due to strong doses of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy to treat cancer.

She watched her mum at the age of 13 loose all her hair, watching the stress and emotion it had caused her has led Danielle wanting to help other hair loss sufferers, wether that be through Chemotherapy treatment or any other hair loss form.

Danielle entered into hair extensions over ten years ago and with a successful specialist hair extension salon and a training academy Danielle knew she had the right skills and education to set up her life long dream and help hair loss suffers like her Mum and Dad.

Danielle has a university qualification in teaching and has all the life experience she needs to help hair loss sufferers around the country.

Her intentions to help and make hair loss sufferers to smile again!

Danielle has created and put together her very own revolutionary hair replacement system and has been in and out of training around the country to qualify as a hair loss consultant over the past few years.

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01204 848600 or Email hairlossclinic@hairologysalon.co.uk